Passengers Delayed by Thomas Cook Flight for 46 Hours

Posted on March, 7 2018 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays can cause great hassle to passengers and ruin their holiday plans completely. Weather-related delays are a common cause for thousands of passengers getting stranded in airports, particularly in the UK, where snow and ice disrupt flights in major airports every day. Let’s take the example of Manchester, where dozens of flights are delayed or cancelled owing to icy weather conditions prevailing there. About forty-one flights have been cancelled at Manchester airport last week, ruining plans of several holidaymakers flying to and from the city.


Thomas Cook flight delay

But holidaymakers flying to Manchester from Lanzarote had to pass through a chaotic situation when a Thomas Cook flight MT1699 was delayed for about forty-six hours. Passengers faced a hassling time sleeping on the floor at the airport as bad weather forced airport authorities to divert the flight coming from Manchester to Fuerteventura. Not only did it strand the Manchester-bound passengers but also several Lanzarote travellers, who slept through the night at their respective airports.

However, the hassle for passengers did not end here. Just as the flight was preparing to leave for Lanzarote from Fuerteventura the next day, passengers were informed about further delay, which triggered an argument between passengers and the airline’s cabin crew. The row called for the police’s involvement and caused the pilot to return to the terminal, thus delaying the flight by another night. Thomas Cook Airlines apologized for the delay and attributed it to bad weather conditions in the Canaries.


Consequences for Thomas Cook

Furious passengers expressed their anger towards Thomas Cook after they arrive back at Manchester airport after the tiresome ordeal. Many of them blamed the travel company for its lack of communication and support during the difficult times.

Katy Sander, a 28-year old hospital doctor, was traveling to Lanzarote on a holiday with her husband and daughter. She expressed her disappointment for the delay, but she sounded relieved at the fact that they are all home after this exhausting journey. Her husband Tom decided to stay at a hotel even though the airline representatives were telling them to stay back at the airport. They were told by the reps that it would take “one more hour”, but the family was stranded overnight.

Rachael Styles, a 44-year old school teacher and her 48-year old train driver partner slept the entire night at Arrecife Airport. She also termed the journey as a “horrendous” one, and showed her disappointment over Thomas Cook’s lack of responsibility towards its passengers. Another couple, Dean and Kathryn Gibson arrived at Manchester with their daughter Charlotte only to find that their luggage has gone missing. The couple vowed to never fly with Thomas Cook again.

Thomas Cook conveyed its sincere apologies to all passengers stranded at these airports. The shortage of boarding gates at Lanzarote airport was another reason for the delay cited by Thomas Cook spokesperson. More than twenty flights flying to Lanzarote had to be diverted to Gran Canaria and Feurteventura owing to bad weather that prevails in the region.

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