Passengers Grounded at Canary Islands, Thanks to Storm

Posted on March, 14 2018 by Blueway Limited

The Spanish archipelago of Canary Islands is a landscape of lush pine woods, historic sites, sandy coves and not to forget the volcanoes that make it one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. Thousands of tourists swarm to the Canaries for making their vacation the best time of the life. But there’s something that may stand in the way of their holiday, and in fact, it already did– the weather.


Storm wreaks havoc on the Canaries

Just like bad weather anywhere disrupts plans, a storm in the Canary Islands disappointed thousands of holidaymakers, who were stranded there owing to a storm that swept across the region. They saw their return delayed as flights to and from the Canaries were canceled owing to landslides, power outage and damage caused by the storm.


The Canary Islands were hit by a 70 mph winds heavy rain, which caused the airport authorities to divert more than twenty flights from Lanzarote to other airports. Tenerife’s airports were shut for more than two hours on the day of the storm, affecting several flights, including planes flying to the island of La Palma. Popular airline carriers such as British Airways and Thomas Cook canceled most of their flights owing to the harsh weather.


A hassling time for passengers

The storm flight delays and cancellations ruined holiday plans of thousands of British passengers. A passenger from Leeds, Andrew Farrar revealed on social media that he was stranded at Lanzarote airport for about twenty-seven hours as his Thomas Cook flight was grounded owing to the bad weather. Besides Andrew, eight hikers also saw themselves caught up in the situation as they had to spend the entire night taking shelter in a mountainside cave before they were rescued.


The flights flying to the islands were diverted to Fuerteventura, Portugal, Faro and Marrakesh as they found it risky to land at Lanzarote and Tenerife. About one thousand passengers were stranded overnight at Feurteventura airport. Not only this, Tenerife South airport saw over 700 passengers, including pregnant women, children and disabled passengers, spending the night sleeping on the airport floor. Nigel Allston, 56-years old grandfather, was stuck at Tenerife South Airport for about twenty-four hours, as his flight to East Midlands got cancelled after a delay of twelve long hours.


A passenger from Kilburnm Derbyshire faced a difficult time spending the night at the terminal with D his wife and granddaughter, who couldn’t attend her first day at school after vacations. Senior citizens and pregnant women were even denied access to their luggage for their medications. Thomas Cook extended their apologies to the affected passengers but couldn’t provide all of them with hotel accommodation. Most of the Thomas Cook flights en route to Lanzarote were diverted to Feurteventura airport as they couldn’t land there. At the same time, some flights remained stuck at Tenerife South Airport because they couldn’t take off from there. According to local broachcasters, about fifty-eight flights were diverted from Lanzarote and about twenty flights were prevented from landing in Tenerife while the airport was shut down.

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