Passengers Stranded in Romania Due to Malfunction

Posted on September, 21 2017 by Blueway Limited

Holidaymakers from Scotland were stranded in Romania for a week after their flight to Glasgow had to be grounded due to a technical malfunction.

The passengers were all scheduled to fly to Glasgow, but, were forced to wait at the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Their next available Wizz Air flight was scheduled for the following week.

However, some of the passengers were reported to have managed to acquire tickets on rival carriers. The extended delay is said to have caused quite a bit of trouble for some of the passengers. For instance, a Bob Jamieson, aged 70, had experienced problems after running out of insulin to treat his diabetes. He described the situation as being “crazy”. The senior from Peebles had flown into Bucharest to attend a wedding.

The sudden cancellation of the Glasgow-bound flight also led to the incoming flight to Bucharest (from Glasgow) being cancelled.


Frustration sets in

The flight was scheduled to depart at 10 PM from Bucharest. However, that did not happen and by 11 PM, passengers began to show signs of frustration. Reports suggest that there was a fair bit of mayhem, especially after the passengers were asked to check out of the airport and check in again, including undergoing a repeat of the security checks.

Jamieson found it annoying that he and the rest of the passengers had to go all the way back to the other side of the airport and repeat the whole process again.

All of this occurred at 1 AM in the morning. It is believed that children were also on the flight and has become very agitated by this hour.


Wizz speaks up

According to a spokesperson from Wizz Air, the flight to Glasgow was cancelled due to a technical issue that required immediate attention. Once this was determined, the passengers were told that the flight was cancelled.

According to Jamieson, the passengers were clueless at first and that they were, without being given proper reasons, asked to head to the Wizz Air desk, where they were handed with boarding passes to another flight to Glasgow, which was scheduled for the next week.

Around 200 passengers were supposed to fly that day.

Passengers were told that hotel rooms would be booked for their stay. However, the air carrier had refused to pay for the rooms at first. However, after some agitation from the passengers, the airline agreed to cover the costs.

Jamieson was provided with his medication after the hotel managed to find a pharmacy that would deliver it. The senior flyer is an insulin-dependent diabetic, which means, without it, he would have likely gone into a coma.

Wizz Airways issued a statement discussing the causes for the sudden flight cancellation. A company spokesperson told the media that only a delay was predicted at first, but, it turned into a cancellation after the situation was thoroughly assessed.

The airline then issued an apology to all the affected flyers for the all the trouble caused.

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