Passengers to Sue Travel Company for Delays

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

In August, this year, a group of passengers flying from Manchester to Corfu were forced to wait for around 39 hours due to a flight delay. The passengers, amounting to over a 100 including disabled people, pensioners, and children, were forced to wait for 2 days before they could actually reach their holiday destination. The airline service, Small Planet, was expected to board the passengers at 11 AM on a Monday. However, the delay pushed the boarding schedule all the way down to 12:55 AM on Wednesday.

Now, according to recent flight news, the very same passengers are planning to sue Small Planet, the leisure airline service that was responsible for the situation. As mentioned earlier, passengers were originally scheduled to board at 11 AM. However, news of the delay was confirmed only at 7 PM and things went from bad to worse from there. The passengers were transported to the Britannia Hotel in Northenden for the night and brought back to the airport at 10 AM, the next morning. But, the situation remained the same and the passengers were sent back to another hotel at Manchester City for another night.

Compensations claimed

Naturally, claims for flight delay compensations have been submitted and many of the passengers are now trying to file for a mass claim. One of the passengers, a Tom Hewitt, was taking the flight to Greek Island with Holly, his fiancée. The two were making the trip to Corfu to make plans for their wedding. However, thanks to the delay, their plans have now been postponed to a much later date.

Out of frustration, Tim has now setup a Facebook group for all the passengers affected by the Small Planet flight to Corfu. His objective is to mobilize all those passengers towards taking legal action against the airline service. According to Tim, the flight delay actually lasted up to 40 hours because the actual take off time was 2:20 AM. After reaching Corfu, Tim claims that they were delayed for a period of 2 hours more because of an issue with the baggage carousel.


According to Kevin Clarke, a lawyer who specializes in flight delays, the case will be the largest group based claim in Small Planet’s records. He also estimates the compensation amount to be around 400 Euros per passenger. Kevin has also pointed out that the case is a unique one because how the delay might have affected each individual passenger. For instance, the reasons for a passenger’s trip to Corfu will have a key role to play in how the delay has affected him/her. As a result, there needs to be a process in place to check how much liability can be pinned on the airline company.

Even so, the lawyer has pointed out that Small Planet does have a reputation for delays and cases concerning Small Planet delays have been increasing. The airline, however, has denied receiving any group claims.

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