Poor Weather Conditions Cause Delays Across the UK

Posted on January, 19 2018 by Blueway Limited

Passengers at Stansted Airport, London were hassled by long delays as airport authorities suspended flights twice to clear the runway of snow because of poor weather conditions.

The UK is perhaps on the list of many winter travellers, but it seems the weather isn’t proving very friendly for them. Heavy snowfall and ice in the UK have buckled both road and air transport, leaving thousands of home without electricity. Scores of vehicles are seen abandoned in the Lake District area, with drivers being at a standstill on the A14 in Northamptonshire for many hours. Not only this, the M1 motorway remains blocked after a deadly lorry crash owing to the bad weather.


Suspended air travel in the UK

Besides road travel, the country’s air travel also seems to be affected badly by icy weather conditions. Passengers at Stansted Airport, London were hassled by long delays as airport authorities suspended flights twice to clear the runway of snow. An airport spokesman said that the snow has passed and no closures are expected anymore. Several flights at the airport were delayed and nearly 30 Ryanair flights were suspended.


Luton International Airport also said that they would reduce the number of inbound flights as de-icing aircrafts would take time. Ryanair, however, apologised for the delay and the cancellation of its flights owing to closed runaways at several airports in the UK. EasyJet flyers also had to face a harrowing time as the airline cancelled a number of its flights from Stansted Airport.


Yellow warning from the Met Office

The Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, issued a yellow warning owing to the icy conditions prevailing across major parts of the region. The office also announced isolated snowfall in Wales, England and Scotland. As such, airport authorities resort to flight suspension or flight delays in order to maintain the safety of passengers.


But frustration swept over more than 300 stranded passengers, who resorted to social media to vent their anger. Passengers were seen complaining about the lack of proper communication from airport authorities, despite waiting for several hours to get a response. They were complaining about the fact that they were told to return to the terminal and collect their luggage.


Airport officials at Stansted Airport, however, said that they would provide people with beds and blankets along with food and drinks, a proposal that was disputed by one of the passengers. They were unable to return home owing to blocked roads in the city, thus stranding them at the airport for several hours. Airport officials asked all passengers due to travel to check the flights’ status with the airline before leaving for the airport to avoid unnecessary hassle of travelling back in case the flight gets cancelled.


The condition on the road was equally dicey, with drivers abandoning their vehicles midway. The RAC requested drivers to keep track of the weather report, pack winter travel kits and take extra time before leaving home. The deadly combination of ice, snow and higher water levels are crumbling road surfaces and opening potholes, which can prove highly hazardous for people. The Environment Agency also released nine flood warnings in places where floods are expected and ninety-four warnings in places where flooding is possible and requires preparation on the part of people.

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