Recent Flight Delay Compensation Success Stories

Posted on October, 13 2014 by Blueway Limited

Blueway Limited is a flight delay refunds company based in the UK that is continuing to win compensation on behalf of passengers. Delivering a high-level of service with no hidden costs is why Blueway stands out from its competitors. Blueway Limited work on a “no-win, no-fee” basis, which means that passengers do not have to part with a single penny until compensation is credited into their account. Passengers can continue with their daily routines and will not have to worry about chasing up the airline as Blueway promises to manage claims from start to finish. When claiming compensation independently, passengers find themselves going round and round in circles without getting very far. By collaborating with a flight delay refunds company, it will add pressure onto the airline and your claim will be taken more seriously. Blueway work alongside a team of legal professionals who will represent you in court (if your claim reaches this stage).If you would like to claim flight delay compensation (British Airways) for a delay that has occurred within the last six years, contact Blueway Limited. You can put your trust in Blueway, who will do their upmost best to deliver your compensation as quickly as possible.

Blueway Limited has successfully won compensation for passengers from all across the globe and these success stories are a testament to the hard work that Blueway put into each individual claim:

Marie Cowie from Leeds wrote to Blueway in August 2013 to give thanks for their services. Marie and her family were subject to a 10-hour flight delay when travelling from Manchester to Cancun in August 2012. She tried filing compensation claims independently, but when doing so,she received a letter from Thomas Cook stating that the delay was a result of ‘an extraordinary circumstance’. After contacting Blueway Limited for a second opinion, Marie was told that she had a valid claim. One month later, she was thrilled with the news that her claim was successful and Blueway won 3000 Euros worth of flight delay compensation for the party of 5. This worked out to be £2600 in compensation.

Talia Baccino wrote to BluewayLimited in October 2013 after receiving 5400 Euros for a group of 9 passengers. The claim was against Thomas Cook, for a 10-hour flight delay. Blueway had received compensation within a matter of weeks after contacting the airline.

Kerry Souter wrote to Blueway in November 2013 after successfully winning compensation on behalf of her husband and two friends, who had a lengthy delay on their way to Las Vegas. The group was delayed for a total of 14 hours. She said “Blueway Limited were very quick with dealing with the claim and the compensation granted was over half of what was paid for the holiday”.

Kim Fletcher-Gay praised Blueway in November 2013 after securing over 4500 Euros in compensation. She said “from initial contact, to receiving payment, Blueway Limited provided speedy and relevant updates throughout the claims process. A truly professional service.”

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