RyanAir Boss Gets Called Out for Hypocrisy

Posted on July, 20 2018 by Blueway Limited

Kenny Jacobs, RyanAir’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), got himself in some hot soup recently after posting on social media about his flight to Dublin being delayed for over 2 hours. In his post, he criticized the shortages in air traffic control staff and also, the policies established by the European Union.




When the post was shared by RyanAir, it went viral and for all the wrong reasons. Social media audiences were quick to call out the RyanAir boss on his hypocrisy. Many of those who viewed the LinkedIn post responded with their own negative experiences on RyanAir.

Most of the comments pointed to issues such as delays and the poor customer service that has become synonymous with the carrier’s name.

Jacobs posted his “rant” on LinkedIn while his plane was still on the ground, waiting to take off.


ATC blamed

In the post, Jacobs mentioned that his flight was still sitting on the runway and that it was late by over 90 minutes. Apparently, the flight to Dublin was scheduled for take-off at 6:50 AM but ended up sitting on the tarmac till 8:30 AM due to the ATC strikes across Europe.

Jacobs even went on to state that it was the “worst summer for cancellations and delays” and that the EU needed to do more in order to improve the situation. He also added that such delays/cancellations were bad for business and tourism.

The post was also shared on RyanAir’s Twitter account, where it ended up drawing more ire from customers and the social media audience in general.


Complaints galore!

One user, a Tracey Winterton, responded by sarcastically referring to Jacobs as “Poor Kenny Jacobs”. She then spoke of her own experience with RyanAir, which involved a three-hour wait for on an outbound flight and a five-hour delay on a return flight.

She also spoke about RyanAir’s refusal to serve food or drink, despite the carrier claiming that it would do so for delays over 2 hours.

Another user named Kenny Fagan posted about his 7-hour delay and the carrier’s subsequent failure to provide him with a proper response.

One Aoife Crowley tweeted that RyanAir was quick to share their CMO’s tweet but failed to do anything about an 11-hour delay at Gatwick believed to have occurred just the previous day. The user also mentioned that RyanAir did not have even one representative posted to offer assistance to the passengers.

A user with the handle @yescath called out RyanAir’s hypocrisy and criticized the carrier’s poor service.

RyanAir responded to a majority of the posts with advice on how to claim compensation and requested the irate customers to get in touch with the airline directly.


A poor track record

In a recent study, RyanAir was ranked as the 6th worst airline in the world. The rankings were handed out according to metrics such as on-time performance, the time taken to process claims, and quality of service. RyanAir scored low on all of the above.

Instead of owning up to its failures, the carrier went on to criticize the study and even called it “irrelevant”.

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