Ryanair to Charge for Hand Luggage That Doesn’t Meet New Size Restrictions

Posted on September, 14 2018 by Blueway Limited

Dublin-based budget airline Ryanair is one of the largest operators in Europe due to the fact that it charges very little. However, the airline has been playing with fire by including additional charges for the oddest of reasons.


Recently, the carrier announced that it would put further restrictions on its allowance limit for carry-on baggage. The current allowance limits are already quite controversial for being too restrictive. However, from November, passengers will have to give up one more bag.


The current allocation will only allow one small carry-on bag per person. But, the rules don’t end there. The flight has set other odd restrictions as well. The bag will now have to fit below the seat in front of the passenger. Previously, passengers were allowed a larger carry-on that was tagged at the gate and placed in the aircraft’s hold.


Delays to be blamed

According to a Ryanair spokesperson, the previous allocation meant that around 120 bags had to be tagged on average, causing delays of over 25 minutes. But, by November, the airline will be doing away with this privilege. Only those who purchase priority boarding will be allowed to carry a second large bag and have it tagged at the gate.


The fees for priority boarding along with two cabin bags start at £6 per person.


However, there is some good news. The new rules allow for “small” bags with greater dimensions. The updated dimensions are 16.4” x 7.8” x 11.8.” In comparison, the older dimensions were 13.7” x 7.8” x 7.8.”


It is believed that the new policy will help reduce boarding time and minimise delays, according to Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs. Jacobs stated that around 60% of customers would remain unaffected by the new rules and the remaining 40% are expected to go with Priority Boarding or Check-In. Apparently, 30% of Ryanair’s flyers already fly with just one small bag, which the carrier is trying to encourage.


Not a first

This isn’t the first time Ryanair has updated its policy concerning carry-on luggage. In fact, in early 2018, the carrier introduced new rules for the same reasons. This included a reduction in charges for checked-in luggage and an increase in check-in allowance.


Check-in luggage allowance was increased to 20kg from 15kg, and the charges were dropped down to £25 from £35.


As stated earlier, the updates were made for the same reasons – to reduce the number and duration of delays and to ensure quicker boarding.


At the time, CMO Kenny Jacobs stated that the new policy would cost Ryanair over 50 million euros in baggage fees. However, the carrier was doing it to ensure that passengers checked-in most of their luggage rather than carry it in.


The airline had also limited the placing of luggage in the cabin storage to priority boarding members.

The question now is, will Ryanair be able to convince its passengers with another update in the policy?

Some experts are calling this a “bold move” that could very well put the carrier in a precarious situation.

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