RyanAir Flight Delayed Due to Ruckus Created by a Stag Do Group

Posted on March, 24 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delay CompensationSix inebriated male passengers, who were part of a stag do group, were forced off a RyanAir flight for causing trouble, mid-air.

The incident took place last Friday on the RyanAir flight, FR2306, which was travelling to Bratislava from Luton.

It is reported that the group turned aggressive when they were refused more alcohol by one of the cabin crew members. The group was forcefully evacuated from the flight by German Law Enforcement officials. However, the other remaining 6 members of the group were allowed to continue on the flight.

The detained members are all reported to be from Southampton and are said to be in their mid-20s. Under the Aviation Security Act, the detainees are now being fined for their behaviour. Each member of the detained group will be expected to pay a fine of £20, 000. They also run the risk of having to face possible civil claims from RyanAir.

German Police showed up at the Scoenefeld Airport to arrest the men. It is believed that the police took 30 minutes to arrive at the airport after the complaint was lodged. The incident itself occurred an hour after the take-off, which was at 6 PM GMT from Luton.

Passengers unhappy

Many passengers were reported to have been infuriated by the event and some even called the entire debacle a disgrace. For instance, a passenger named Alexander Koller criticized both the rowdy group of men, as well as the staff on the RyanAir flight. He stated that the group behaved in a disgraceful manner and the fact that they were allowed entry into the flight was even more disgraceful. He implied that the stag do group had been behaving badly ever since the departure from Luton and that it wasn’t just during mid-flight. He even added that the group was visibly intoxicated and that they could hardly stand.

A few other passengers also echoed Koller’s sentiments. Some even stated that the situation was a very dangerous one and that the operation at Berlin was handled in a poor and abrupt manner.

some passengers even implied that they might file for flight delay compensation. However, RyanAir is yet to provide an answer on how they plan to address these flight delay claims.

RyanAir speaks up

A spokesperson from RyanAir issued a statement citing that the carrier will not tolerate unruly behaviour on any of its flights and that the safety and comfort of passengers was its biggest priority. The spokesperson also added that the matter was forwarded to local police and will be handled by them.


A recent update to the incident indicates that there may have been more to it than what was first reported. It is now believed that two members within the group got into a fight over a woman that they had dated. This is believed to have escalated the situation to dangerous levels. Videos of the two men exchanging blows, inside the flight, have surfaced on the internet.

Déjà Vu

This is not the first time that RyanAir has had to deal with rowdy passengers. For example, in the same month, a stag party flying from Manchester to Alicante harassed a crew member and were asked to exit the flight, which was, fortunately, still on the ground.

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