RyanAir Found to be Most Reliable According to Customer Reviews

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

Do you find it hard to use the word punctual or reliable and RyanAir in the same sentence? Well, if you do, you could just be part of a minority that doesn’t consider the low-cost air carrier to be punctual enough.

As far as recent statistics are concerned, RyanAir is one of the more reliable carriers to operate under European skies. According to data presented in its customer service statistics from July, RyanAir has shown to be fairly reliable. Out of 62,000 flights, 85% were reported to have landed as per schedule. Also, the complaint rate was found to be 2 per 1000 customers, with just one complaint being negative.

The statistics also showed that 99 percent of general complaints were dealt with within a week.

A proud moment

Robin Kiely, Head of Communications at RyanAir, issued a statement mentioning that the carrier had operated against all odds in the month. The airline service had flown over 11 million passengers in the month of July and 65% of its 62000 scheduled flights landed on time. This was achieved despite poor weather conditions and the ATC strikes that took place around Europe in countries such as France, Germany, and UK.

Mr. Kiely added that RyanAir aimed to continue delivering more than just lower air fares, especially considering the fact that the carrier is planning to expand its routes and adding other enhancements as part of the Always Getting Better programme.

The other side of the coin

In terms of on-time flights, the percentage has dropped by 5% in 2016 compared to previous year’s numbers. RyanAir insists that the drop is due to the ATC strikes that affected not just UK, but, also the whole of European airspace.

Then, there is also the argument from critics claiming that RyanAir’s data is unreliable and scant. The statistics have been published by RyanAir itself, which brings into question the credibility of its claims.

The Civil Aviation Authority in UK collects data about flight arrivals and departures for about 10 airports in the UK. The agency uses “on time” for flights that arrives within 15 minutes of the original schedule.

However, according to the analysis of the data by a reliable private agency, RyanAir falls short by 7%, with only 83% flights landing on time. Many other carriers have managed to beat RyanAir’s “on time” numbers. Also, a significant proportion of RyanAir’s network consists of flying to smaller airports, where air traffic isn’t the worst. As a result, flight delays aren’t too hard to avoid.

On the whole, it just boils down to the fact that RyanAir is liked by some and hated by others.

Additionally, the carrier compares its “on-time” numbers with the figures published by the recently established Association of European Airlines. However, this association has failed to publish statistics since 2009 and consists only of 32 members. There are over 200 carriers that are not members and that includes Ryan Air as well. So, there is really no authentic data to verify the claims made by RyanAir.

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