RyanAir Ordered To Pay Compensation For Flight Delay

Posted on January, 19 2016 by Blueway Limited

Gatwick AirportIn latest airlines news, a European court of justice has passed a ruling stating that all airline passengers who have faced flight delays recently can demand compensation from the airline company. The ruling has been emphasised specially for European airlines.

RyanAir to pay compensation to thousands of passengers

The airline company that recently turned victim to the new ruling is RyanAir. The carrier has been ordered to offer up compensations after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) determined its role in causing delays for several passengers on one of its flights.

The CAA, which is Britain’s aviation regulatory body, has strictly enforced the new regulations on RyanAir. The budget carrier will now be forced to offer compensation to thousands of its passengers.

The recent ruling was established soon after a court passed an order stating that the CAA would be responsible for handling flight delay claims from passengers. A large number of affected passengers were people who had already filed claims, but were denied compensation for various reasons. .

According to the new ruling, the passengers filing flight delay claims will be given the right to claim up to 600 euros. The specific figure was established by one of the court heads, who stated that airlines will have to pay the amount if they are directly responsible for flight delays or cancellations. In other words, the circumstances behind the delay or cancellation must fall under the control of the concerned airline, for the claim to be viable.

The present ruling is a part of many such rulings that have been applied to other carriers such as Flybe, WizzAir, Thomas Cook, and Jet2.

In the past…

The CAA had reported earlier that it was conducting a review on Ryan Air’s compliance with the ruling. The review showed lack of compliance by the carrier in accordance with the European Consumer Law, which forced the authority to issue the new ruling instantly.

The ruling was passed after one of Ryan Air’s Quito to Amsterdam flights had been delayed for more than 20 hours without its cancellation. In fact, a passenger named Corina Van Der Lans had even filed a claim that was later rejected by the airline operator. The carrier had refused to take responsibility for the delay that resulted out of technical issues.

Most claims denied

It was also observed that most of the claims made by passengers, prior to the present ruling, had been rejected. However, with the ruling now in place, the carrier could face hefty fines and litigations, if they fail to comply by the rules.

The new ruling also requires the concerned airline to operate safe and functional aircraft. Though, regular functioning may cause failure in certain parts of an airline, the court stated that their maintenance is purely the responsibility of the concerned airline. Delays due to technical difficulties will not serve as an excuse anymore and the carrier will be held responsible for them as well. Airlines will also have to abide by the European Consumer Law and offer compensation for flight delays.

It is rumoured that after RyanAir, Easy Jet and various other British airlines, will soon come under the radar of the new ruling.

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