Ryanair Sends Out Unsigned Compensation Cheques

Posted on September, 10 2018 by Blueway Limited

Dublin-based airline Ryanair found itself in hot water again after accidentally sending out unsigned compensation cheques to more than 200 passengers who were supposed to receive money for cancellations and delays.


According to a statement provided by Robin Kiely, the Head of Communications for Ryanair, the goof-up was the result of an admin error. This resulted in a few of the cheques (around 190 out of 20,000) being posted without the official signatures.


According to a passenger named Paul Cooper, whose flight back home from Portugal got cancelled, the cheque sent to him got failed to receive clearance. To make things worse, he was unsuccessful at getting through to Ryanair’s customer service for assistance. Even his emails were replied to only after 28 days, and that did not prove to be very helpful either. Below is another passengers tweet.

However, Ryanair reissued the checks in the following week and sent out sincere apologies to the passengers who were inconvenienced by the error. Kiely added that the error itself was the result of Ryanair’s efforts to send out the cheques as quickly as possible.

Not a good time

Ryanair has been attracting plenty of negative attention this year. The airline was hit with several delays and cancellations, which naturally irked the customers. According to a report from BBC, over a million of Ryanair’s passengers in the continent were forced to deal with delays and cancellations in early 2018. The data to support this was sourced from Ryanair’s own records.


In fact, the carrier faced a barrage of cancellations and delays earlier this month, thanks to a walkout staged by pilots. Around 400 flights had to be cancelled. The strike was a result of a prior dispute with the pilots’ union over issues such as base transfers, working conditions, and annual leaves. Eventually, Ryanair struck an agreement with the pilots after considerable bargaining.


Needless to say, the dysfunctions already caused costs to rack up for Ryanair, especially in terms of having to compensate passengers for cancellations and delays.


More trouble

In a report published by the Telegraph, Ryanair saw over 30 cancellations in July alone, which affected around 5000 passengers. This led to a series of debates and disputes between the Dublin-based carrier and its passengers regarding compensation. The carrier refused to pay up at first, stating that it wasn’t required to do so if the delays were a result of ongoing strikes.


The carrier told the media that Ryanair complied with the current EU261regulations, according to which no compensation was due to passengers if the delays were a result of circumstances beyond the airline’s control.


The current issue involving unsigned cheques was attributed to an error in processing. The carrier told the British Consumer Association that it made up for the issue by reissuing the cheques in mid-August.


Of course, that did not stop the passengers from venting out their frustrations on social media. For instance, one customer posted on social media platform Twitter that the cheque he had received from Ryanair had bounced and that he couldn’t believe this would happen with a printed cheque. He added that it was “outrageous.”

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