Scuffle Between Co-Workers Causes Flight Delay

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

In some bizarre flight delay news, an EasyJet flight was delayed for an hour as two crew members got into a fight. The reason for the fight is believed to have had something to do with water bottles.

EasyJet confirmed that the report was true. Flight number EZY835, which was scheduled to fly from London Gatwick to Belfast had to be sent back to the stand, where the dueling duo were replaced for engaging in an argument.

Celebrity witness speaks

Present among the flight’s passengers was TV show host and tennis player, Dan Lobb. Lobb had tweeted about the fight delays stating that it was the first time he saw something of this sort. He added that the flight had been returned to the gate because the cabin crew got into a fight and that one crew member was being off-loaded. Lobb, who is remembered mainly as the presenter for DayBreak on ITV, continued with his tweets, implying in one of them that it was ridiculous for a flight to be delayed as a result of a tiff between crew members.

The TV show host even uploaded and shared an image of the flight’s captain, who had come out to explain the situation to passengers. Lobb further tweeted that both crew members were being offloaded and that the situation seemed “unreal”. According to Lobb’s tweets, the rest of the passengers seemed equally surprised and shocked at the turn of events. Lobb even made a snide remark about how everybody had issues with co-workers, but, this was the only one where an entire flight had to be delayed.

Passengers complain

Lobb wasn’t the only passenger complaining. Many felt the need to vent. A passenger by the name of Michael Savage tweeted saying that the flight from Gatwick was delayed because of a disagreement between cabin crew members. He also used the term “unbelievable” to describe the situation.

Mr. Savage also spoke to Crawley News, where he mentioned that the 2:30 PM flight to Belfast was already on its way to the runway when the argument broke out. According to Mr. Savage, the argument occurred between a male crew member and a female crew member. However, he wasn’t able to figure out the cause of the argument.

Mr. Savage added that the flight had to be parked in order to let off the feuding crew members. He also mentioned that the passengers were notified only at 3 PM about the flight being delayed. Even so, he praised the other crew members for distributing water and trying to keep the passengers comfortable.

EasyJet apologizes

An EasyJet spokesperson issued a statement confirming the delay of flight number EZY835. She added that the airline was focused on ensuring the safety of its passengers, which is its highest priority. The spokesperson apologized on behalf of EasyJet for the inconvenience caused.

The flight took off to Belfast after the crew members were delayed. So far, there have been no reports about passengers claiming flight delay compensation.

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