Security Breach Delays Passengers

Posted on December, 21 2017 by Blueway Limited

Passengers on an EasyJet flight that arrived at Manchester Airport were left fuming with anger after they were accidentally led to departures instead of arrivals, which is led to an extraordinary circumstance for a flight delay

The passengers, who disembarked from the aircraft, were heading towards the exit when they were stopped suddenly by an employee working on a flight scheduled to depart for Dublin. The employee alerted the passengers to the error and redirected them to the proper zone.


According to Angela Bell, one of the passengers, the situation wasn’t handled very well. She called the whole thing “outrageous” and specifically mentioned the lack of strict security checks at passport control. In her narration of the event, it is believed that one of the staff had opened the wrong door, which had led the passengers towards departures.


She also added that there seemed to be no concern over the issue from neither EasyJet nor airport staff. Security checks were also said to have been fairly lenient, with some members being allowed to pass without their boarding passes


Culprit Still Unknown

There is still no answer on who or what could have caused this kind of a confusion and more importantly, such a major security breach. In fact, Manchester Airport doesn’t seem to even have records of previous breaches or protocols in place to prevent them.


According to the Department of Transport, it is the responsibility of airports and carriers to make sure passengers are led through the proper routes. However, when asked about what could have possibly caused the current error, the Department of Transport refused to comment.


Events such as this one are described as a “cross-contamination” events, as they result in the mixing of the arrivals crowd with the departures crowd; something that is considered to be a serious error in aviation. Airports are specifically tasked with ensuring that such events do not occur.


The CAA told media that this particular case was quite shocking and that they were still trying to figure out what kind of arrangements Manchester Airport had put in place to prevent cross-contamination. The CAA also added that the security of passengers was of extreme importance and that the UK was known for possessing some of the most stringent security measures in the world, thereby, implying that the latest event was a rare exception.


Passengers Take To Social Media

Passengers immediately took to social media in order to vent out their frustration. One passenger tweeted that the airport staff was absolutely “useless” for causing a breach of this kind. Another passenger, who was on the departing flight to Dublin, complained that he/she had to suffer a 75-minute long flight delay and blamed the airport’s mismanagement of the issue for it.


Manchester Airport eventually issued a statement in which it apologized for the error and mentioned that further investigations would be carried out to determine the exact cause of the issue. It also added that such events would be prevented in the future.


EasyJet sent out a statement saying that it was aware of the event.

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