Stranded at the airport? Get compensation

Posted on September, 20 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flight Delay CompensationNo one wants to spend extra hours at the airport. The need to arrive up to two or three hours early already makes the experience of travel time consuming enough. A delay of a few minutes is understandable, although irritating, but last year in Britain, there were over 9,000 flight delays that were 3 hours and longer. What is strange is the low number of individuals who seek compensation for flight delays. According to some estimates, more than a third of those who could be eligible for compensation never even file a claim.

A little knowledge can go a long way

The biggest reason found for not applying for compensation is passengers who face flight delays do not even realise they qualify for a claim. Many travellers appear to be under the impression that they can only file when a flight is cancelled and do not know enough about compensation for flight delays which is available to them.

When to look for a remedy

The rules on compensation apply to all flights between EU countries. You can also receive compensation when departing from an EU airport even if the destination is outside the European Union, such as a flight to the United States. The airlines do not have to be headquartered in the EU either. If for example a flight through American Airlines taking a traveller from London to Los Angeles is delayed for three hours or more, the rules would still apply. Making a flight delay compensation claim will only apply on flights departing from, or arriving to a member state of the European Union. Delayed flights arriving to a member state of the European Union will only qualify for a claim if the airline used is a European one.

Who Qualifies?

Receiving compensation for a flight delay depends on meeting the necessary criteria. Passengers are entitled to compensation of between 250 to 600 Euros depending on the circumstances of the flight delay. Shorter flights per distance and hours delayed will naturally have a lower amount than a flight delay compensation claim for a delay flight. By using a professional company to make a flight delay compensation claim, such as Blueway Limited, it can save not only time but money as well. Instead of dealing with a time-consuming process and having to fight against the airline and calculate the amount of compensation owed, using flight delay refund makes it easy even for those who travel routinely to follow through with making a claim.

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