Posted on May, 25 2018 by Blueway Limited

I found a Blueway advertisement on Facebook some time back, and I couldn’t think of any flight in the last 6 years that had been delayed or re-routed. And then, it happened, I had a 5 hour delay and I landed in a different city than planned. No compensation was provided by Alitalia and so remembering the adversiment, I contacted Blueway. Filling in the details was straightforward and I immediately got a confirmation email that the team was on it. A month later, I asked for an update (which by the way they answered within 24 hours) and it seemed like the airline didn’t want to agree to a settlement. Here I am thinking –¬†well, I gave it a shot, not expecting anything more. And then a month later, I get over 150¬£ back! The commission blueway take from your airline compensation is completely fair, as I never had to communicate with the airline directly, and I am so grateful they took on this little battle for me.

I will absolutely advise people to use this service, its fair, its painless and it gets you a little bit of your money back. Enough for another flight.

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