Kerry And Paul Souter

Posted on March, 31 2016 by Blueway Limited

I made a claim for my husband and his 2 friends who had a lengthy delay to Vegas by 14 hours. Blueway limited have been very quick dealing with our claim and I look forward to receiving the Compensation which is over half what they paid for the holiday. It is a shame we will loose some % for Blueway dealing with it on our behalf but I just don’t have the time to chase the airline to get a response from them saying they won’t refund which most airlines are doing if individuals try themselves. We also have 5 other claims from delayed flights which I have put through Blueway to deal with and look forward to receiving the cheques to go towards. A much needed family holiday. They have an online portal where you can keep track of where your claim Is at which is handy to Check any time of day.

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