The Importance Of Claiming Correctly Against The Airlines For Compensation

Posted on February, 21 2014 by Blueway Limited

Have you experienced a flight delay while traveling abroad, and has it happened recently? Have you already filed for a claim asking for compensation from the specified airline? Are you sure that your procedure is the correct one? Studies have shown that out of several claims that have been made, almost eighty percent of it has been made the wrong way- either it wasn’t made at the right time or wasn’t claimed through the right governing body. Thus it is absolutely necessary that when you make a claim and ask for compensation for Flight Cancellation & Delay, you make sure that it is done correctly.

However, before you delve into the correct procedure, it is imperative that you know exactly what it deals with. This law protects the rights of the passengers and entitles them to a certain amount of compensation, under EU 261/2004, in case of a Flight Cancellation & Delay. However, despite all this, there are a few criteria to fulfill before you decide to settle for compensation and some of which includes that it must be within 6 years.

Coming back to the importance of correctly claiming for compensation, the first thing that is widely talked about is the procedure. Compensation claims can turn out to be a long drawn out procedure and a tedious one as well. Despite this, there have been reports stating a handful of people getting their adequate compensation in no time. How? Well, they opted for the correct procedure and claimed it in the right way, and thus the procedure was quicker.

Another positive aspect to look at when you make a claim for compensation, under Airlines Passenger Rights, is the amount of compensation you receive. It is imperative that you receive the correct amount. Compensation is calculated by the amount of distance and the delayed time.

Another important thing is to place your claim with the right governing body. Sometimes, your claim might be so nominal that it could be accepted by the airline itself and you would not have to go through such a tedious procedure.

However, some companies are quite reluctant to do so. You might file a claim through the Civil Aviation Authority which the airline can disregard. In case you are dissatisfied with the result you can either take them to court or represent the case yourself. Another option is simply hiring a solicitor to avoid all the hassle. Once you hire a solicitor, the airline would be compelled to provide you with the adequate Airlines Flight Delay Compensationfor any delay, cancellation or re-routing of any flight.

It is important that you understand your Airlines Passenger Rights properly as this will help you to get a compensation for any such delay or cancellation of flights. When claiming the right way, especially by hiring a solicitor you can be compensated properly and hassle free!

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