The UK Airports with the Worst Delays

Posted on July, 6 2018 by Blueway Limited

A new study has revealed a list of UK airports that suffer from the worst delays. The study, which was conducted by the Press Association, was carried out based on the data provided by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

25 UK airports were observed as part of the study, which did not factor in flight cancellations. Among the 25 airports, Luton was identified as having the maximum number of delays. UK passengers leaving the country from Luton faced an average delay of 15 minutes.

The flights from Luton were categorized as “least punctual” with delay times reaching 19.7 minutes on average. One of the spokespersons from Luton stated that a lot of the delays were caused by external factors. The spokesperson also issued an apology mentioning that Luton regretted the problems faced by the passengers.

“external factors” here mainly refers to bad weather and air traffic control strikes, which are genuinely beyond the control of the airport.


Other airports on the list

Some of the other airports that made the list include Gatwick, which is another London airport. Gatwick experienced delays that lasted 18.9 minutes on average. When asked for their response, Gatwick stated that they were doing everything possible to reduce the number of delays and the average delay rate. One of the ways in which the airport tries to reduce delays is by adopting new technology to monitor flights.

After Gatwick, it was Jersey that came in third with an average delay time of 18.7 minutes. Jersey was followed by Durham Tees Valley, which saw an average delay time of 18.6 minutes.


The airports with the lowest delay time

Ironically, the airport with the lowest delay time happened to be Heathrow, which is also the busiest airport in the country. On average, flights from Heathrow were delayed only by 11 minutes. Leeds Bradford and Belfast came in next with average delay times of 11.3 minutes. London City made the list with an average delay time of 11.6 minutes.

According to officials from the CAA, the new study is useful in that it can help passengers make informed decisions about which airport to fly from. Having said that, the officials also emphasized the need for the aviation industry to improve punctuality and subsequently, the customer experience as well.

The study also found that only 2% of the passengers affected by delays claimed compensation. According to EU regulations, a passenger can claim compensation for delays that are longer than 3 hours. Statistics indicate that around 9 million passengers are entitled to compensation.

The value of the compensation can range from £110 to £530 depending on the exact cause of the delay, as well as the duration of the delay.

Compensation isn’t valid if the delay is caused by circumstances outside the control of the airport or carrier. This typically includes strikes and bad weather. The duration of the flight also influences the compensation amount. Delays on long-haul flights have a higher compensation value than short-haul flights.

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