Thomas Cook FlightDelay Infuriates Passengers

Posted on May, 24 2019 by Blueway Limited

A Thomas Cook flight, travelling from Orlando to Manchester, ended up getting delayed for 52 hours, infuriating passengers. Holidaymakers sharply criticized Thomas Cook for the delay and also its poor communication of the situation.

The passengers on the flight were scheduled to fly from Orlando International Airport to Manchester Airport at 4:35 PM. However, the flight (MT2753) ended up getting delayed. According to the airline, the delay was the result of baggage handlers crashing into the aircraft.

It is believed that customers were offered refreshments during their wait. However, after 4 hours or so, they were disembarked.


Passengers Took to Social Media

Amanda Richards was a passenger on the flight and was travelling with her 16-month old child. According to her, the delay lasted 52 hours. She added that the passengers had to wait for 4 hours inside the aircraft and after they disembarked, they had to wait another hour for collecting luggage.

Even at this time, according to Richards, the flight did not bother to give any information regarding when they would be leaving or how things were going to be fixed. Amanda also called out Thomas Cook for its inability to communicate correctly.

The young female passenger also added that there was no help from the representatives, whom she is believed to have chased for information.

The passengers were reportedly taken to the Hyatt Hotel, where they were also given food vouchers. However, the next morning, Amanda had to chase Thomas Cook staff for answers.

The flight was then rescheduled to 8:30 PM on Monday, a good 52 hours after the original take off time. According to Amanda, even this would’ve been unknown if she had not asked.

Meal vouchers were promised, but they were handed out only at 4:30 PM. The customer service desk was unmanned until 1 PM.


Rude Staff

Reports also came in stating that the staff were extremely rude to the passengers. For instance, the staff had promised meal vouchers but never delivered on the promise.

Another passenger named Lisa Ilifee tweeted about the cancellation. In her tweet, she described Thomas Cook’s customer service was “shocking”. She pointed out that there was no proper communication and that 1 bus was sent to transfer 300 people.

Ilifee added that she wouldn’t be subscribing to Thomas Cook’s services anymore.

Another passenger named David Cook stated that this was his first time dealing with a flight cancellation. He claimed that no one had an idea of what time the next flight would be. He also claimed that passengers were forced to wait on the tarmac for over 4 hours.

He went on to describe the situation as chaotic and nightmarish.


Apologies Delivered

A Thomas Cook representative apologized for the delay. She stated that the main reason for the delay was that the aircraft suffered some major damages.  The spokesperson also added that the safety of the customers and crew was of the utmost importance in this situation.

The Orlando International Airport has not provided comments yet.

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