Travellers Furious At Heathrow Security Staff’s Poor Passenger Queue Management Skills

Posted on August, 27 2019 by Blueway Limited

London’s most bustling building and Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, has come under the line of fire as disgruntled travellers left negative reviews about their experience at the airport in late July.

London, just like the rest of Europe, has been experiencing massive changes in weather in the form of heatwaves and sudden thunderstorms. Two of the consequences of terrible weather are a delay in flight departures & arrivals and an increase in flying time. The third delay has been the unending queues at London Heathrow Airport.



Passenger mismanagement during check-ins leave travellers disgruntled

In late July, many unhappy and angry travellers at London Heathrow Airport took to social media to inform airport authorities of the lack of professionalism displayed by airport security staff at the Connections wing.

Calling the entire proceedings “gross” and “shocking”, many passengers stated how they were made to wait for ages in a queue at the Connections wing and were only allowed to enter their respective terminals hours after they first joined the line.

Complaints included about how the airport staff subjected passengers to rude security searches and the utter chaos at the baggage check station. With piles upon piles of luggage left waiting to be checked, many travellers had immense trouble locating and claiming their respective baggage.

Frustration reached its peak as airport authorities made no arrangement to relieve passengers of their hand luggage, and many travellers were forced to stand in line in the sweltering heat holding onto their bags. Things came to a head as irritated passengers, desperate to exit the long queues, pushed past each other in an effort to exit the Connections wing first.

One particularly disgruntled passenger stated on social media that London Heathrow Airport’s security system had lost its earlier efficiency and was “definitely the worst” he had ever seen. Another traveller stated that he would never travel through London Heathrow Airport again, considering how terrible his experience had been during transit.

Lack of communication from the airport’s side too impacted passengers’ experience. Heathrow authorities took to their official Twitter page many hours after the initial complaints were received. Their apology for the delay pleased no one, especially since the airport provided no information about when flights would resume operations.

The authorities stated that technical issues had been found in the NATS air traffic management systems and that the airport was working to fix the issue.


A culture of chaos

According to local news service providers, London Heathrow Airport wasn’t the only UK-based airport to face extremely long queues and never ending delays. Gatwick airport too saw a flood of negative feedback and complaints from passengers in July.

Additionally, airline service providers too are facing massive backlash from travellers for poor passenger service and inexplicable delays. British Airlines, which had cancelled over 30 flights in July, took to social media to apologize to travellers. BA stated that sudden weather changes were the cause of the delays and that the team was working towards distributing refreshment vouchers, new tickets, and hotel bookings for affected customers.

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