Travelling in the UK? Here are UK’s Most Delayed Airports, Airlines and Routes

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

Flight delay news will come as no surprise to you if you have spent any amount of time travelling. It has become a part of travel, and people already account for delays as part of their plans. While this is not pleasant in any way, flight issues are sometimes inevitable, the weather is also known to play spoilt sport in many cases. Apart from all those instances, flights do get delayed and that is a major dampener. Good thing though is that you can get compensations in some cases.

You can, however, be prepared to wait it out if you need to. Here is a list of the airports and airlines with the routes that are the worst offenders in cases of flight delays according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Gatwick is the airport that is likely to face the most delays. Flight delay times average at 18 minutes here. Luton comes in second at a little over 14 minutes. Manchester is the third most likely airport to face delays and their delays average at 14 minutes. Surprisingly, UK’s biggest and most busy airport, Heathrow, was placed fifth with 13 minute delays. Other airports on the list include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Stansted, Birmingham, and Newcastle.

After Gatwick was named the most delay causing airport, they were quick to come up with an explanation. A spokesperson for the airport said that it handles more flights to mainland Europe than any other airport in the country, so the airport here is ‘impacted disproportionally’ by events in those places. There has also been a number of ATC strikes in the study period (Jan 2015 to March 2016) that could be the reason behind these delays.

Most delayed airlines and their routes

In the same report, further investigations gave further insights into the airlines and routes that were the most likely to be delayed. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) was the airline that had the most number of delayed flights on a route. PIA’s Manchester to New York’s JFK was recorded late 8 out of 10 flights in the studied period. The route racked in over 190 hours worth of delays over 129 flights, that averages at 88 minutes of delays per departure. PIA and Turkmenistan Airlines took the four top spots on this list running different routes. came in 5th on their flights to Chambery in France, but have since cancelled their service to the skiing town.

As for airlines with the most delays, the top 5 offenders are:

  • Turkmenistan Airlines- 70.2 minutes
  • Pakistan International Airlines- 50.3
  • Air Algerie- 41.8
  • Tunisiair- 35.8
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines- 35.4

Others on the list include Kuwait Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Arik Air, Malaysian Airlines, and Air India at 10th place with delays averaging 25.6 minutes. While flight delays are fairly common, prolonged delays that travellers dread are but a rare occurrence. With all airlines and routes combined, the good flight delay news is that the delay time only averages 15 minutes.

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