When To Claim For Flight Delay Compensation

Posted on April, 3 2014 by Blueway Limited

Whether your flight delay, cancellation, re-route or diversion was last week or six years ago, European Regulation rules state that if have been delayed at least 3 hours then you could be entitled to between 250 and 600 euros. How long the delay is along with the length of journey determines how much you could be entitled to (regardless of the flight cost). EC regulation 261/2004 enforces Passenger Rights for Flight Delay. If your delay was between 2 and 3 hours then you could still be able to claim for ‘right of care’ for any expenses such as food, drinks, phone calls and even hotel accommodation (if necessary).  Yet if your delay has been over 3 hours then you are well within your rights to claim back compensation.

Very few people in the United Kingdom and especially abroad are aware of their Passenger Rights for Flight Delay. People simply do not understand their entitlements under the European Regulation 261/2004. Even in the hypothetical scenario that a plane full of passengers was aware of their rights with Compensation Flight Delay then statistically speaking, less than a quarter of these passengers would make a Delayed Flight Claim. This means that airlines are continuously getting away with paying Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights. The ruling applies to any flight arriving or departing an airport located in a member state of the European Union (including Iceland, Norway or Switzerland), and if the flight was operated by a European airline (e.g. British Airways, Iberia, German wings, Thomson).

The Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) strongly advises passengers to submit their Delayed Flight Claim as soon as possible after the delay or cancellation has occurred. This is because the data needed to assess the claim will be more readily available.

However, don’t be put off by this, as there are countless successful Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights cases that are winning in court for flights dating back as far as six years. With the help of companies like Blueway Limited that have sophisticated flight data systems, expert knowledge and experience, you can rely on them to help manage your claim. They will be able to check through their collection of historical flight data and weather statistics to find out the reason for the delay, in order to advise you on the validity of the claim. This stage will simply rule out any extreme weather conditions that may have occurred which would classify as an extraordinary circumstance. If an extraordinary circumstance occurs and is the sole reason for the delay or cancellation, then it would result in the claim being invalid. This is where Blueway’s team of experienced and professional specialists comes to the fore, as it is what sets them apart from their competitors.

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