Wizz Air Flight Gets Diverted Due to Bomb Scare

Posted on November, 28 2018 by Blueway Limited

A flight that was scheduled in Poland’s capital of Warsaw had to be diverted to Bucharest, Romania, after reports of a possible bomb on the aircraft were made. The call had come in from a woman, who is said to have provided very detailed information.

The Wizz Air flight had taken off from Kutaisi, Georgia at 2.25 PM GMT, according to flight records. During the journey towards Warsaw, the Kutaisi airport received the call regarding the possible presence of a bomb on the flight, after which, the airport alerted the flight and directed it towards Bucharest for an emergency landing.

According to a spokesperson form the Bucharest Airport, the bomb threat had been called in at Kutaisi by a woman, who provided very precise information.


Wizz Air Speaks Out

A spokesperson from Wizz Air told the media that the crew had acted in line with their operating procedures for such situations. The spokesperson added that the security and safety of the passengers and crew was of the greatest priority for the airline and that it would not tolerate any attempt to put that in jeopardy.

The incident was reported to the concerned authorities by the airline.

After the flight successfully landed at Bucharest, all the passengers (around 173) were immediately evacuated form the aircraft. The luggage on the flight was scanned and a thorough search of the aircraft was also conducted. So far, the airline has not shared any information concerning the discovery of an explosive on the aircraft. Wizz Air refused to offer any information despite being reached out by news agencies multiple times

The flight then continued from Bucharest towards Warsaw at night and is said to have arrived at around 9:51 PM CEST, based on tracking information provided by FlightRadar24.

Wizz Air is the largest low-cost airline in Eastern and Central Europe. It operates over 600 routes and out of 25 airports across the continent.



This isn’t the first time a hoax bomb threat has been reported this year. In August, a librarian from France named Jacob Meir Abdellak was sentenced to 10 months prison time after calling in hoax bomb threat at London’s Gatwick Airport.

Abdellak was supposed to board a Norwegian Air flight from London to LA and was running late. It is believed that he called in the fake threat as an attempt to delay the flight. He made the call about 8 minutes prior to its departure time, forcing authorities to evacuate the aircraft and screen the passengers all over again. Abdellak’s call led to a delay of almost 2 hours.

Chief Inspector Marc Clothier of the Gatwick Police Department described the entire incident as “ridiculous”.

Similarly, in 2010, another Wizz Air flight, from Timisoara, Romania to London, ended up being the target of a hoax bomb threat. This time, the call came in after the flight took off. An emergency landing was called in and the passengers had to be evacuated and screened again.

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