World’s Most Hated Airlines

Posted on March, 25 2019 by Blueway Limited

Daily Star Online recently revealed a list of the world’s most hated airlines. The report was published after collating over a thousand review titles. The study has finally provided a clear view of which airline the public thinks is the worst.

Now, this might not come as a surprise, but the continent’s least popular air carriers also happen to be mainly budget carriers.

RyanAir came very close to earning the title of the worst airline with a solid 34% of consumers reporting only negative experiences. The two most common terms that were associated with the airline were “delayed” and “avoid”.

Only around 0.74% of the reviews praised the airline as excellent. The new data came just a few weeks after RyanAir was declared as the worst airline to operate in Great Britain for the 6th consecutive year.

But the interesting part is RyanAir did not top the list.


Wizz air takes the cake

RyanAir was defeated by none other than Wizz Air to earn the title of the most hated airline. Around 38% of the reviews it had received were on the negative end of the spectrum. In comparison, EasyJet had only 22% of its reviews being negative.

Common terms used to describe EasyJet were “great”, “good”, “cheap”, “budget”, and “value”. However, EasyJet did get described as most likely to be delayed compared to its competitors and rivals.

British Airways or BA managed to strike the perfect balance with 50% of its reviews being negative and the other 50% being positive. However, most of the words used to describe BA were negative. Some of the most commonly used terms were “disappointed” and “disappointing”.

One of the most positive terms used to describe BA was “smooth”. However, very few reviews used the term “comfortable”. But terms like “delay” and “cancelled” were even more conservatively, which is good news for BA.


The study

The study was carried out by US Packaging & Wrapping, a service that wraps baggage for its customers. The company told the media that the idea for such a study came after looking at some of the interactions it had with passengers regarding the most hated and loved airlines.

To find an exact answer, the company set out analysing thousands of online reviews for each air carrier. The data was then used to calculate the proportion of positive and negative terms found in the list of the 50 most commonly used terms to describe airlines.

For example, it was found that RyanAir and United Airlines had the highest proportion of negative terms used in their respective reviews. Around 34% of the words were negative. On the other end of the spectrum was Emirates, which enjoyed the highest proportion of favourable terms. About 73% of the terms used to describe Emirates were positive.

When the media approached EasyJet for its comments on the study, the carrier replied that it always paid attention to the needs of its customers. However, the airline refused to comment any further. Other carriers remained unreachable.

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