Worst Performing UK Airlines and How to Claim Compensation for Your Inconvenience

Posted on February, 22 2017 by Blueway Limited

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British airlines. The shameful observation is not only true for budget airlines but for the regular airlines as well. According to a Mirror report, easyJet, the FTSE 250 company, reportedly received an overwhelming 15,499 compensation enquiries in 2016. As a result, it has climbed to the top of the ‘Carriers of Shame’ list, dismantling Thomas Cook, which has now slipped to the fourth position.

During this period, budget airline Ryanair has also seen a huge burst in the number of compensation queries. It has received 9887 complaints, an increase of 60% on a Y-O-Y basis. It now occupies the second position on the Carriers of Shame list. Worryingly, British Airways, the largest and the most trusted carrier in Britain too has seen a steady fall in its quality of service over the last three years, and this year, it has managed to occupy the 3rd position on the same list.

Some have attributed the increase in the number of complaints to poor weather and flying conditions in 2016, especially in the months of March, June, and December. However, while the quality of service rendered by some has deteriorated, Thomas Cook has been adjudged as the most improved airline in the list. Against 9104 compensations in 2015, it has managed to pull down the number below 7000. Thomson Holidays is the other company to make it to the top 5 on the ‘Carriers of Shame’ list.

Should you file a formal compensation claim?

The same report has observed that in August 2016 alone, a total of 4000 flights were cancelled and another 120,000 were delayed across Europe causing untold misery to thousands of fliers. Unfortunately, the same report suggests that only 5% of the affected made a claim for compensation, losing thousands of pounds in the process.

According to EU regulation number 261/2004, if you have experienced a flight delay or cancellation in the last six years, provided the flight was departing from an EU airport or the home base of the mother airlines is in a country, which is an EU member, you can claim compensation. Some airlines reschedule a flight and some offer flight vouchers that can be used to buy refreshments or make arrangements for refreshments and even accommodation. However, it is up to you whether you want to accept these in lieu of the monetary compensation which is due to you.

The rule says that if a flight was delayed for more than two hours at least, the airline is liable to compensate you unless it can prove that an “extraordinary circumstance” led to the delay. This includes most technical and crew-related issues, although poor weather, crew walkout, security concerns, civil wars, medical emergency onboard, flight traffic restrictions, an inability of the airport to de-ice the plane or the runway on time, and so on will also be considered as extraordinary circumstances. But hidden manufacturing defects and other technical faults can’t be cited as extraordinary reasons. Also, you needn’t be an EU citizen to file a formal claim request.

In addition to monetary compensation, in case of delays over two hours, every passenger has the right to ask for a free phone call or they must be allowed to send two faxes, telex or emails to inform others of the delay.

If your plane was delayed by three hours or more at the final destination, then compensation is due and it will be computed based on the distance you covered and whether the airport of origin or final destination are under the EU jurisdiction.

For codeshare flights, you will have to ascertain whether the airline through which you booked is EU listed or not. If not, you may not be eligible for compensation. Also, if you are flying from an EU airport but the delay was in transit at a non-EU airport and you missed the connecting flight, you may or may not be eligible for compensation.

For delays over 5 hours at an EU airport, you can request reimbursement of the full ticket price within 7 working days. However, many airlines don’t pay for the taxes when refunding.

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